eFileIt Portal

You may record your documents here with any of the listed clerks. Choose the clerk from a list and choose a document type, also from a list and enter the page count. The system will allow you to upload your documents and generate a shopping cart item complete with a bill total, ready for an online payment. You can file as many different documents as you like and the cart will reflect them as well as the total of purchase.

When paying, a temporary hold will be placed on your card at the time of purchase and for the invoice amount, and will not be finalized/charged until it is accepted by the clerk, at which time you will be notified of both the recording status and charge. Reason… the clerk first needs to examine your documents and request to see if all recording conditions were met. If there is an issue with recording it, the clerk will notify you by return email outlining the issue and wait for you to remedy the conditions.

Your card will never be charged/finalized until the clerk accepts your documents that have passed their inspection. Temporary holds automatically drop off in a few days and may result in the clerk not being able to receive payment. In this case, the clerk will reach out to you for a payment as the temporary hold probably expired. Please note the documents will not be recorded until paid.

More info about this whole process will appear soon as we attempt to answer all your questions as we get them.

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